Don’t try over and over with the same method to get an answer out of someone.If they are reluctant then they are just look for another way to be convinced.Don’t try to change them – change yourself – and they will warm up to you.

3 Replies to “Persuade”

  1. A lil’ deviation of thoughts. I would not want to change myself to persuade someone as I would not be able to persuade myself for the same. I feel being unique in some ways is what we deserve and it’s good not to be in agreement sometimes. Just my thoughts 🙂 .
    Bu at the same time I appreciate yours as you are equally unique and free willed 😀 .

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  2. I appreciate you saying that 🙂
    I made this platform to share and learn from others.All kinds of views are welcomed!
    I think our arguments really depend on the circumstances and the people involved.Good or bad.

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