‘Maybe’ is such a weird word.Because either you know something or you don’t.There can be no middle ground.

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  1. And here, I must completely disagree. The wisest people are often those who admit that we can not know everything. Not everything can be fully understood. Nor does everything have one clear answer, solution, or path. β€œMaybe” is to know that we may not know, even when we think we know.

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  2. I agree.We are not at the stage where we know everything completely.Or are even sure what we know is true.But when you have to give an exam in the next minute and you don’t know the answer to a question,one ‘maybe’ answer from a friend can make/ruin your life.

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  3. “Maybe” has three meanings in my personal dictionary:
    1. I don’t know.
    2. You are right, but I don’t want to agree with you.
    3. You are wrong, but I am not in the mood to argue with you about it.
    But I hope to get rid of two last meanings πŸ˜‰
    As always: great job!

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  4. Interesting rhetorical exercise. A bit of a teaser. But don’t you think the word “maybe” can apply to not knowing something? It depends on the situation. There are things beyond our ken that could go one way or the other.

    Is there life on other planets? Maybe. We don’t know for certain yet. “Yes” or “No” don’t apply. Here, the word “maybe” is a “middle ground” that is perfectly valid. Anyone who chooses “Yes” or “No” in this instance is a fool.

    (BTW, thanks for liking my post)

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  5. I liked your content! πŸ™‚
    I prefer ‘I don’t know’ to ‘maybe’ because the former accepts not knowing and strives for KNOWledge OR you can say that it acKNOWledges that we are less aware and puts us in a position to become more aware.
    ‘Maybe’ just makes us ambiguous since ‘maybe’ could be a yes or could be a no.Then someone could bend it into a definite yes or a definite no.And then you have cute false facts flying around πŸ™‚
    Is there life on other planets? I don’t know.Period.

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