The longer you dedicate your time to something,the more meaningful it becomes.

6 Replies to “Bond”

  1. When I first read this, I nodded in agreement. But then, I began to think of all of the times I dedicated a great deal of time to something, have it become meaningful, and then less and less meaningful as more time passed. Perhaps even the things that grow to have great meaning for us may only hold their meaning for a time. Maybe it is that we attribute meaning to what we do, and not the other way around.

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  2. Very true.I believe that we all have limited time.So when we contributed a big chunk of this limited time to something,it becomes a part of our identity.Good or bad,we come to accept those things as part of our personality that give us meaning.Of course, there are ups and downs people experience.And sometimes in the end they have no satisfaction at all.

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  3. That’s so true. It just becomes part of you in some way. Like with the children, we love them, because they are part of us and we gave them life, same with anything we are working on. Great post!

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