No language is superior or inferior than the other language.Every language is just a means of communication.And a means of communication must be simple and accessible to all.Whatever it is – broken sentences,incorrect grammar,imprecise vocabulary or off-base accent – it must not hold you back from speaking your mind.

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  1. True; but I think what is interesting is that people do not understand the intricate differences between language. When we translate “Bonjour” to “Hello” we are not saying “Bonjour” means “Hello”. We are saying this is a translation, we are saying this MEANS the same as “Hello” or that it gives off the same effect.

    So inherently with different languages, we ARE communicating very different things. And any translation comes with a bias. For example, many works of Shakespeare are being re-translated, because many times the word “Slut” or “Whore” was used in a translation, it was actually not originally written as such. It just so happened to be translated by a man, who then used those expressions to describe that particular woman in the story. So female translators are being used to come up with a more accurate translation, because they would not use the same bias that men had previously.

    Long story short; it is actually very important to be clear what you mean, in whatever language you say it in.

    Thanks for the read.

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  2. Wow! I think you kept forward a really important point.Wouldn’t have thought about it this way.Thanks for sharing your idea!
    One’s experience with a language is a whole lot different from the other.

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  3. Thank you!

    It’s certainly an interesting concept that your entire perspective may be based upon tendencies found in your mother tongue. Research shows actually, that people adopt different personalities, based on the language they are currently communicating in, which I believe is evidence to support this point.

    Thanks again for the read!

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