We all have various choices before us. There are a few that we can access. And even fewer that we can achieve.

Today,our ‘access’ has expanded beyond our imagination with the help of established political and technological systems.But still,many of us haven’t achieved our goals or are still struggling to find a dream.

It’s not that we lack the capacity to work but the commitment to give it our all.It’s like going to an ice-cream parlor; craving to eat some good chocolate flavour but end up getting stuck in choosing between other chocolate flavour variations,only to lose the wit and will to eat anything in the end.It’s the arsenal of choices that ends up making us dance around for nothing.

So,we can say that having less gives us a clear aim to gain more,but already having everything just takes away the hunger that gives life a purpose.You can have as many options as you want in your life within your grasp, but if you drop them before you can soak them up,you’ll remain as empty as now forever.

This doesn’t mean that you scramble up quick,grab whatever comes your way and wait around to be enchanted;but go where there is potential for good,a lack of ambition and fill it with your passion of a dreamer.

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